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Technical Support

If you have any questions about the ordering process or need assistance with one of our products, feel free to email support at hanakogames.com for support.

Check the front page or the announcements forum for important status information to ensure a timely response.

Hints and Community Support

To talk to other players and receive help with our games, visit the Hanako Games Forum.

Let's Play / Review Videos

We give out permission for people to record video footage of games currently for sale as long as the copies are legally purchased and up-to-date. A link to somewhere to buy the game is preferred but not required.

It is also okay to use standard monetisation tools so long as no official relationship is implied and the video content is not being directly sold. (Paid stream subscribers, fine. Generic youtube ads, fine. Claiming that the game officially supports Instant Towel Products, not fine. Recording gameplay and selling the videos themselves, not fine. But why would you, anyway?)

DRM-Free Games

All products created by and purchased directly from Hanako Games are DRM-free and spyware-free. There are no limits on how long you can play a game that you've paid for. If you suffer a computer breakdown and lose your installed game, just contact us with your receipt and we will set up a new download for you. Thank you for supporting us!

(However, we cannot guarantee total support for games written by other developers or purchased from other sites. We will try to help, but if we didn't write it, we may not be able to fix it, and if we didn't sell it, we may not be able to replace it. At least, not until we gain superpowers and take over the world!)

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