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Dreams... ice-blue eyes calling to you in the night...

The howls of wolves echo across empty streets.

Young women found dead, violently murdered.

Love and loneliness.

In Fatal Hearts you play the role of Christina Robinson and help her to uncover the secrets behind her dreams. As the story unfolds you will be forced to make choices of who to believe, who to trust, and who to declare an enemy. Solve puzzles and conquer challenges, but be careful, or Christina may become another victim...

Lucy Torvill
Christina's best friend, daring and outgoing.

Jeremy Bowman
A clever and polite young man seeking damsels in distress.

Randy Gardner
Cheerful and loyal as a puppy, but with a family secret.

Tim Davies
A practical joker with a very serious focus.

Elizabeth Sumners
A shy and nerdy schoolgirl, eager to fit in.

? ? ? ?
The man of Christina's dreams - and her nightmares!


Mysterious Characters

New Puzzles

Friends or Enemies?

Challenging Riddles

Anime Graphics

Unique Minigames


Download The Demo Here! (17 MB)
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Please test the demo before purchasing to make sure your computer can play the game!

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  • Replayable adventure game
  • Different puzzles on every path
  • Fourteen unique endings
  • Automatic save protects your progress
  • Solved puzzles become optional on replay - don't be bored solving the same thing twice!
  • Download And Play - no clumsy activation codes or waiting for CD delivery

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System Requirements

Windows 2000,XP, Vista - (NT IS NOT SUPPORTED)
Direct X 8+
Mouse required
60 MB disk space

This game has Teen Content. Rated by TIGRS™
Fantasy Violence
Suggestive Themes

(c) Hanako Games, 2007